Klassi tas-Surmast: Rimini Protokoll

Teatru Malta

31st July - 4th August, 2023
Vincent's Eco Estate

Il-Klassi tas-Surmast, a play on the word ‘masterclass’, where theatre practitioners are invited to give a series of workshops to a group of theatre-makers. Our programmed yearly masterclasses have catered for different areas of theatre pedagogy, with Claudia Contin Arlecchino (February 2018) and Stella Pulo (August 2019), Cheek by Jowl (September 2021), and Complicité (May 2022) as alumni masters of this initiative. This year, Teatru Malta has invited Berlin-based theatre-makers Rimini Protokoll’s Stefan Kaegi and associate artist Caroline Barneaud to give a 5-day intensive for Maltese theatre-makers between the 31st July and the 4th of August 2023. Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel founded the theatre-label Rimini Protokoll in 2000 and have since worked in different constellations under this name. Work by work they have expanded the means of the theatre to create new perspectives on reality. Rimini Protokoll often develop their stage-works, interventions, performative installations and audio plays together with experts who have gained their knowledge and skills beyond the theatre. Furthermore, they like to transpose rooms or social structures into theatrical formats. Many of their works feature interactivity and a playful use of technology.

Applications Open May, 2023.

Workshop Dates 31st July – 4th August, 2023

Klassi tas-Surmast: Rimini Protokoll

Vincent's Eco Estate 31st July - 4th August, 2023