VII (Sette)

The New Victorians / Erin Carter
7,8,9,14,15,16 June 2019
Fort St. Elmo, Pjazza D’Armi, Valletta

2019 marks the centenary of one of the most talked about occurrences in our country’s recent history, the infamous Sette Giugno. On the 7th of June 1919, four protesters were killed and others died later. In collaboration with FĊN, Teatru Malta wanted to celebrate this anniversary with a fresh, contemporary take on the events that marked our history.

Songwriting sister-duo, The New Victorians, together with a company of highly skilled professional performers and an international creative team comprising artists from the UK and Italy, devise an original, multidisciplinary piece of electronic music theatre, reimagining the heroic events that took place during 1919’s Sette Giugno riots. This visually spectacular original piece tells a historical story through contemporary music, making it sonically current and equally relatable to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

In Partnership with FĊN (Fondazzjoni Ċelebrazzjonijiet Nazzjonali), Heritage Malta & Arts Council Malta, LESA and camilleriparismode

Ticket Info

€ 15 / € 12 (konċessjoni)

Cast & Actors


Jacob Piccinino, Leo Graham, Lee-N Abela, Christian Scicluna, Andrew Sowrey, Matthew Hunt, Jeremy Grech, Nicola Azzopardi, Sandie Von Brockdorff, Rebecca Camilleri, Zoe Camilleri, Julienne Restall, Bettina Cassar and Philippa Cassar



Production Team

Directed and Composed by: The New Victorians

Writer: Erin Carter

Translator: Simon Bartolo

Set Designer: Aldo Moretti

Costume Designer: Luke Azzopardi





VII (Sette)

Fort St. Elmo, Pjazza D’Armi, Valletta 7,8,9,14,15,16 June 2019