Ilħna Mitlufa – Lost Voices

Andrew Alamango

What will you sing when your child is born? And what will you sing when you miss your loved ones? And how to express one’s yearning for the lost land where we were raised?

In search of this lost voice, L-Ilħna Mitlufa is a celebration of a tradition in rhyme and song; a vocal expression inherited from the land to which we were once so connected. A musical journey in search of the voice that we had, used by those who came before us to express their daily fears and aspirations.

An age old story, woven by singers past and present and told in poetry - spoken, written and recorded, where the għannej as the poet, the keeper of memory, the storyteller and comic entertainer, sings on our behalf and for those who have lost their voice, renewing an unbroken tradition; that of being together in song.

A story to instigate the search to find one’s own voice, and the need to sing when words are not enough.

12-13 May 2018
Teatru Salesjan

“The ‘għana’ forms part of our Maltese cultural heritage with an ageing audience. The ‘għana’ tells a lot of stories. Stories that in the hands of these artists, we believe will make for very exciting musical theatre.”

Production Team

Musical Director: Andrew Alamango

Dramaturg: Domenio Castaldo

Writer: Adrian Grima

Visuals and Production Design: Jimmy Grima

Manager: Nicole Blackman




Anġlu Theuma ‘Il-Kina’

Mariele Zammit

Prim Kitarrist:

Fredrick Mallia ‘Ir-Ré’


Raymond Scibberas ‘Iċ-Ċiranu’

Andrew Alamango



Ilħna Mitlufa – Lost Voices

Teatru Salesjan 12-13 May 2018