Ilħna Mitlufa – Lost Voices

By Andrew Alamango

What if we could relive and recapture the voices once heard by our grandparents and the stories told in song to our parents as children many moons ago? L-Ilħna Mitlufa (The Lost Voices) is show comprising a dramaturgy around an ensemble of local musicians playing a varied repertoire of traditional songs and folk chants. This music theatre project proposes new musical arrangements and contexts for theatrical performance of this age-old storytelling tradition called Għana. The ensemble aims to inspire with songs and ballads with the aim of giving a new theatrical relevance to poetic texts and songs whilst retaining the authentic character of the traditional voices so deeply rooted in our culture. The newly-formed group, is led by musician and musicologist Andrew Alamango who will be working with dramaturg Domenico Castaldo to celebrate the vocal traditions of Għana Tal-Fatt (ballad singing), il-Bormliża (high-pitched singing) and Għana Spirtu Pront (improvised singing).

11-13 May 2018
Teatru Salesjan

“The ‘għana’ forms part of our Maltese cultural heritage with an ageing audience. The ‘għana’ tells a lot of stories. Stories that in the hands of these artists, we believe will make for very exciting musical theatre.”

Production Team

Musical Director: Andrew Alamango

Dramaturg: Domenio Castaldo

Writer: Adrian Grima

Manager: Nicole Blackman

Ilħna Mitlufa – Lost Voices

Teatru Salesjan 11-13 May 2018