Il-Qtates ta’ Max-Xatt, Opra Għat-Tfal

Denise Mulholland

“Primary school kids are sweet, and they’re an important audience for our future. A new opera written for kids created with some of the best talent we have available refects just how important they are for us.”

3pm (matinee) & 6pm
23rd and 24th February 2019
Maritime Museum - Birgu

This heartwarming children’s opera will explore the sensitive subject of loss through the eyes of a group of singing stray cats who struggle to come to terms with the ‘disappearance’’ of two of the most important people in their life. Based on the book of Clare Azzopardi, Il-Qtates ta’ max-Xatt invites audiences, young and old to indulge in this melodious interpretation of a story that explores one of children’s greatest fears through the cheerful mediums of puppetry and song. Now it’s time to open that suitcase, because the cats are growing restless.

Ticket Info

Ticket Price: € 5

Duration: 40 minutes

Age: 8+

Language: Maltese

Cast & Actors

Ruth Sammut Casingena: Nanna/ Pippistrell
Clare Ghigo: Kannell
Francesca Aquilina: Pinzell
Jean Pierre Busuttil: Nannu
Sean Borg: Cippitatu
Louis Andrew Cassar: Pilatu

Production Team

Composer: Euchar Gravina

Librettist: Clare Azzopardi

Director: Denise Mulholland

Production Manager: Nicole Blackman


Sofia Narmania: Piano
Noel Beck: Clarinet
Joseph Camilleri: Percussion
Maria Conrad: Violin
Christopher Greenhalgh: Violincello

Il-Qtates ta’ Max-Xatt, Opra Għat-Tfal

Maritime Museum - Birgu 23rd and 24th February 2019