Il-Qtates Ta’ Max-Xatt


11:15 & 13:00
24th & 25th February, 2024
Esplora, Kalkara

The cats are back! The beloved Il-Qtates ta’ max-Xatt will be returning to Esplora this February. They are very excited to be back as part of our Green Policy: “Bring it Back” programme. Our “Bring It Back” programme encapsulates a commitment to ecological responsibility, manifesting in the recycling and transformation of existing sets into new, original works and the use of recyclable materials in prop construction.

The story explores the subject of loss through a group of stray cats who struggle to come to terms with the “disappearance” of two of the most important people in their life.

Based on the book of Clare Azzopardi, Il-Qtates ta’ max-Xatt invites audiences, young and old, to indulge in this devised interpretation of a story that explores one of children’s greatest fears through the cheerful mediums of puppetry and song.

Il-Qtates Ta’ Max-Xatt

Esplora, Kalkara 24th & 25th February, 2024