Il-Qarċilla: L-Għarusa Karfusa

Jacob Piccinino / Leanne Ellul

L-Għarusa Karfusa is your classic tale of forbidden love between a fruit and a vegetable. In this absurd satirical universe where the villagers are named after vegetables, the inhabitants of 'Ħal Kawlata' are forbidden to talk to ones left in the forbidden quarantine; let alone fall in love! When Karfusa from the vegetable hamlet lays her pretty eyes on Bajtru in the scheduled quarantine, all hell breaks loose.

11th - 12th Feb 2018
Malta and Gozo

At last, the qarċilla tells the story of the traditional farse from the eyes of a female writer - a talented woman. A fresh and colourful fable in our streets; in your face, without frontiers - where the real Maltese language is not only spoken by the Maltese. A high-quality package. A worthy, shoulder to shoulder, collaboration between Maltese artists and other artists with a diverse background. All in all, a memorable experience.

Simone Inguanez

“We wanted to start with the ‘qarċilla’ because the ‘qarċilla’ was the first text in Maltese to be written for the theatre. However, for the first time ever we gave it a female voice, an international flavour and a creativity that’s as cool… as a cucumber.”


Cast & Actors

L-Għarusa Karfusa: Mariele Zammit

Dun Tadama: Victor Barrere

Warda Vjola: Lee-N Abela

Pomme De Terre: Arthur Dumas

Bajtru: Patrick Laera

Production Team

Writer: Leanne Ellul

Director & Concept: Jacob Piccinino

Manager: Stjanu Debono

Set Designer: Jennings Falzon

Costume & Props: Elaine Saliba (Pina)

Masks: Lucien Cassou

Co-Producers: Festivals Malta, Karnival ta’ Malta, Il-Karnival ta’ Għawdex

Times and Locations

Ħamrun (In front of Broad Street): 11th February, 09.30
Victoria (Independence Square): 11th February, 15.30
Nadur (In front of Każin tal-Banda Filarmonika Nadur): 11th February, 20.30
Għaxaq (Għaxaq Square): 12th February, 19.30


Il-Qarċilla: L-Għarusa Karfusa

Malta and Gozo 11th - 12th Feb 2018