The Hot House

Harold Pinter

Teatru Malta have chosen Mount Carmel Community Theatre as the stage for one of Pinter’s most curious pieces. We chose Harold Pinter as our first author in the Classics Project in celebration of the tenth anniversary since the demise of this important playwright.

26-29 April 2018
Mount Carmel, Community Theatre

In the wake of the uproar of testimonies emerging from Mount Carmel Hospital’s cracks, Teatru Malta have chosen the Young Director’s programme as the stage for one of Pinter’s most curious pieces. The Hot House is immediately identifiable as one of Pinter’s most complex and intriguing works, set in a state-run sanatorium where the so-called “patients” are actual political dissidents receiving various excruciating corrective treatments. Directed by up-and-coming director André Agius and staged at Mount Carmel’s very own theatre, The Hothouse will focus on the casual inhumanity and corruption that festers deep within the bureaucratic pediments of institutional authority.


“In the last year, there have been many testimonies of stories that are taking place in the corridors of local hospitals. We chose this controversial work by Pinter also to instigate a discussion about the subject.”

Cast & Actors

Victor Debono: Roote

Mark Mifsud: Gibbs

Maria Buckle: Ms Cutts

Benjamin Abela: Lamb

Kurt Castillo: Lush

Joe Depasquale: Tubb

Anthony Ellul: Lobb

Production Team

Playwright: Harold Pinter

Translator: Simone Spiteri

Director: André Agius

Mentor: Irene Christ

Assistant Director: Emma Micallef

Stage Manager: Sarah Grech

Set Designer: Romualdo Moretti

Sound Designer: Luke Cucciardi

Light Design: Christopher Gatt

Costumes and Props: Nicole Cuschieri

Hair and Make Up Design: Mandy Zammit and Christian

The Hot House

Mount Carmel, Community Theatre 26-29 April 2018