by Kurt Gabriel Meli and Alex Weenink

March - April 2024
Sixth Form Tour

Jack has been sneaking into his old high school all year to buy the canteen’s sausage rolls. They taste the best! However, that is not the only reason. In those classrooms he is sneaking in, Jack fell in love with James, before a big argument split them apart. In those same classrooms, Ms Stefania was building Jack up, all while Ms Ciangura was tearing him down. Jack has been sneaking into his old high school because he’s wondering why he never had the guts to say what he needed to say in those f*cking classrooms.

GUTZ written by Alex Weenink and Kurt Gabriel Meli is a coming-of-age classroom play for post-secondary schools (16+), that explores young people’s relationships with power, shame and the act of standing up and speaking out against the louder voices in our lives. GUTZ’s creative team includes dramaturg Ruth Borg, mentor Dounia Mahammad and theatre director Chantelle Micallef Grimaud.

GUTZ is set to tour Maltese Sixth Forms in March 2024 and will also feature in a festival at the Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, from 17-19 April 2024, along with another seven classroom plays presented by participating (European Theatre Convention) ETC Member Theatres from a total of eight countries, who worked on developing eight new texts on diverse, inclusive themes written for young audiences.

GUTZ belongs to ETC’s Young Europe IV which is a 3-year collaborative programme dedicated to expanding the canon of European theatre literature. Visit for more details.


Sixth Form Tour March - April 2024