Teatru Malta
24th, 25th & 26th November
St. Vincent De Paule Theatre

This year, we proudly present Ġambori, not a run-of-the-mill-festival, but a jubilant celebration of empowerment for individuals aged 60 and beyond. An era often associated with tranquillity and reflection, we want Ġambori to emerge as a pioneering force, reimagining the 60+ stage of life with an emphasis on a culture of active ageing and spirited participation through the performing arts.

The inaugural edition of Ġambori weaves a rich tapestry of theatrical performances, meticulously crafted by the adept hands and vibrant spirits of our Każin 60+ members. This is all being done alongside a vibrant mosaic of dance and song workshops and various interactive sessions, all intricately curated with the theme of an active lifestyle, and tailored exclusively for our cherished 60+ community. Quoting the timeless wisdom of George Bernard Shaw: “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”; this adage resonates deeply with the philosophy of Ġambori.

This initiative, gracefully supported by The Ministry for Active Ageing, is a movement that brings the compelling narratives of this life chapter into the spotlight of recognition and celebration.

AGE CERTIFICATION: 60+ and families

TAĦDITA TEATRU: 24th November, 2023

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Ticket Info

Friday 24th November 6pm – 9.30pm – €10

  • Two productions (Il-Madonna tiegħi aħjar min tiegħek, directed by Josette Ciappara and L-Għatisa, directed by Charlotte Grech) and Taħdita Teatru


Saturday 25th November 5pm  – 10pm – €10

  • (10:00am – 11:30am: Movement Workshop for the Saint Vincent De Paule residents), Two productions, Jazz and Classics with DJ Spenser (calypso DJ).

Sunday 26th November 9:30am – 12:30pm – €10

  • Morning Coffee with Trevor Zahra and Frank Żammit (Bingo with words and Book readings by Trevor Zahra)

Cast & Actors

Każin 60+ Workshop Leaders:

  • Josette Ciappara
  • Charlotte Grech

Każin 60+ Participants:

  • Marianne Testa
  • Phyllisienne Brincat
  • Bernardette Pulè Ferrando
  • Joielle Grasso
  • Anna Busuttil
  • Mary Cutajar
  • Rosita Pace
  • Miriam Scerri
  • Domitilla Caruana 
  • Joyce Mizzi 
  • Josephine Tedesco Triccas  
  • Carmen Zammit
  • Salome’ Camilleri 
  • John Zammit 
  • Frances Gladys Mercieca
  • Anna Debattista
  • Diane Galea
  • Gillian Borg
  • Auriol Pullicino
  • Carmen Fenech 
  • Miriam Scerri 
  • Elena Dalli
  • Philip Spiteri
  • Marieanne Mifsud Grimaud
  • Anthony Borg
  • Maria Somers
  • Anna Grech
  • Marie Busuttil
  • Anna borg
  • Yvonne Spiteri Ghio
  • Francesca Fonk
  • Sina Bugeja
  • Patricia Gatt
  • Doris Bonett
  • Sonia Young

Jazz Trio:

  • Paul Giordimaina – Piano
  • Sammy Murgo – Saxophone
  • Tony Bartolo – Vocals

Trevor Zahra

Frank Żammit

DJ Spencer

Dance Beyond Borders



St. Vincent De Paule Theatre 24th, 25th & 26th November