Simone Ellul and Moveo Dance Company
29th of April
Bacchus, Mdina

Teatru Malta and Moveo Dance Company welcome you to a banquet of earthly delights, a dinner bursting at the seams with improvisation. This is why we feel it is of utmost importance that we clearly state that this is a dance-theatre-banquet, with each of its precepts uniquely devoted to the pleasures of your taste and entertainment. However this is not your average production. This is a performative feast.

Don’t seek out quintessential theatrical formulas here, as we’re most certain you’ll find absolutely none of them of use to you. Etikett intends to do away with any such formal rules commonly associated with gastronomical events of this nature. If you are a disciple of formality, then don’t even bother buying a ticket as this performance might be all too lively, aggressive and far too impertinent for you.

What we’ve explained thus far might come across as a little contradictory to the title we’ve presented you with on this seemingly silver platter within the confines of the illustrious Bacchus Banquet halls situated in the walled and most silent city in all of Malta. We can’t argue with that, this production is an entire contradiction, an event so truly impossible that we insisted on making it possible!

Before we go, we’d just like to remind you that this show is in your hands, quite literally. If a performer ends up on your table, perhaps even takes a bite of your pork or grouper, nicks a maqrut or steals some of your wine, we are by no means liable and your ticket none the more refundable for any such mischievous behavior. Nothing is off the table during this performance, quite literally, you’ve been warned.

Kindly note that this will mark our first attempt at this delectable touring dance performance. You are correct, that might make you somewhat of a test audience, but that’s no reason to be concerned, we’d rather you consider yourselves our exclusive and esteemed first guests.

Cast & Actors

Director: Simone Ellul

Movement Director: Dorian Mallia

Performers: Antonella Axisa, Sean Briffa and Moveo Dance Company Dancers: Diane Portelli, Charlotte Carpentier, Cindelle Bouard, Amelia Holdsworth, Gabriele Farinacci, Victor Hermundstad and Alexis Francis Lemoine

Music: Albert Garzia

Production Manager and Costume Designer: Sarah Grech


Bacchus, Mdina 29th of April