By André Mangion

12th—14th, 18th—21st March 2022
La Vallette Band Club

Drago is a play inspired by the life of the legendary Maltese professional snooker and pool player Tony Drago, better known within his own snooker circles as Tornado Tony. Known for his speed around the table, he’s won two professional titles: the 1993 Strachan Challenge Event 3 and the 1996 Guangzhou Masters. His combination of exceptionally fast play and emotional temperament have made Tony a popular character in the snooker world. This biographical work will be penned by writer André Mangion, and will focus on the life of the fiery Drago who’s been known to throw around the occasional cue or two. All bets are off for this production.

Tim Kreattiv

Direttur: Sean Buhagiar


La Vallette Band Club 12th—14th, 18th—21st March 2022