Studio Francis Ebejer

Teatru Malta in Co-Production with Teatru Manoel

Various Times
28th August - 10th September
Teatru Manoel

Following two years of conversations with Atelier Francis Ebejer members, we have remodelled the Atelier into Studio Francis Ebejer, a New Work Department shared by Teatru Manoel and Teatru Malta, in line with the history of Premju Francis Ebejer. It provides theatre-makers with the right tools to research and develop their scripts or theatre pieces through workshops and feedback sessions, resulting in stronger artistic quality.

The initiative focuses on two main strands: new work that is not strictly a verbal script, and new writing that needs to be developed. The atelier provides opportunities to participate in readings, R&Ds and a showcase. The purpose of the initiative is to create a unique and stimulating environment that offers artists the opportunity to work in a supportive and inspiring space, encouraging innovation and pushing the boundaries of local theatre. It is open to all practitioners who create and/or make theatre and/or contribute to the local theatrical sphere, regardless of age, language, gender, or nationality. Successful applicants will be given access to resources including rehearsal space, mentorship, minor sets, props, costumes, actors, and creative collaborators. Applicants need to be available for this intensive two-week experience during the beginning of September.

The AFE Intensive will take place between 28 August 2023 and 10 September 2023 at the Manoel Theatre, together with your R&D Team.

Showcases will be presented on the 8, 9, 10 September 2023 to an invited audience. Teatru Malta & Teatru Manoel will have a right of first refusal option to produce the chosen works, separately or in co-production, as of six months from the date of the showcase.

For more information about Studio Francis Ebejer and how to apply, click here.

Studio Francis Ebejer

Teatru Manoel 28th August - 10th September