Alice in Wonderless Land – The DIY Theatre Package

France Rame
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Alice in Wonderless Land is A DIY-Theatre package, initially made for Żigużajg Festival 2020. Following the project’s success and the positive feedback received from organizations, activists, journalists, scholars and the general public alike it was clear that Alice’s life was to stretch far beyond the confines of her little doll box. Alice in Wonderless Land intends to continue serving it’s purpose: to educate and inform audiences through the art of theatre.

The project is an adaptation of Franca Rame and Dario Fo’s orginal piece Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglie and is essentially a DIY-Theatre package inspired by societal ideals – a reflection of the way society compartmentalises women into boxes just like dolls. In order to deal with such a topical subject, it was decided that the story transform into an actual doll packaged with it’s own set of instructions for it’s handlers to unravel. Alice in Wonderless Land is currently available in both Maltese and English.

In conjunction to this project, Teatru Malta also translated twenty-one of Franca Rame’s texts to Maltese with Professor Simone Galea and Dr Marco Galea.

WATCH: If you are an institution, organization or educator seeking out more information on Alice in Wonderless Land, we invite to you to watch our short documentary on the making of the DIY Theatre piece here or read the full Metal Magazine with director Sean Buhagiar here.

Teatru Malta’s Alice in Wonderless Land was made possible through a collaboration with ŻiguŻajg Festival and with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute, Ministry for Justice, Equality and Governance, Parliamentary Secretariat for Equality and Reforms, Arts Council Malta

Cast & Actors

Authors: Franca Rame and Dario Fo



Production Team

Created and Directed by Sean Buhagiar
Music Composition by Alexandra Alden
Production Designer Francesca Mercieca
Voice Artist Mariele Zammit

Prologue Voice Artist Narcy Calamatta

Dramatherapist Consultant Lou Ghirlando
Doll Maker Kyle Fenech (3D Makes)
Maltese Translator Marco Galea
Maltese Translator Simone Galea
English Translator Simon Bartolo
Proof Reader Simon Bartolo




If you are an organization looking to order your very own Alice in Wonderless Land doll for your class then the first thing you need to ask yourself is:

1. Are your members/students/participants all age 14 years or over?

They are? Then that’s fantastic because they’re the audience we’re looking for.

2. Would your class prefer to experience this project in Maltese or English?

Our Alice dolls come in two versions, English speaking Alice and Maltese speaking Alice. The instructions within her box will also match Alice’s chosen language. We have 20 dolls available in Maltese and 20 dolls available in English.

3. Items? What will the box consist of?

That’s a good question, well done. The doll will come with: The official Alice in Wonderless Land doll, a fold out instruction manual, playing cards, and last but not least the rabbit USB that contains all the visuals that you’ll require to complete this #DIYperformance

4. Now finally how do you order the doll?

It’s simple just send an email to and express your interest in ordering a doll. Once you place your order you’ll eventually be contacted so that we can organize the delivery of the doll. Please make sure to fill in all the required fields accordingly.

Alice in Wonderless Land – The DIY Theatre Package