Emerging Writers Programme

We believe we need more writers who write for Theatre! We all know that writing for theatre requires specific skills; it is not like writing for screen or print.


Besides our ongoing commitment to provide opportunities for interested writers to develop their writing, we will also commit to produce a work by an emerging writer. An emerging writer can be anyone with the proven potential to pen theatre with substance with the willingness to improve on quality and create new works.


There will be a number of opportunities for writers through activities such as the MADC One Act Festival which we are co-producing this year, and other projects, where we believe writers can show off their work.

Through our networks, events and festivals, we will pick a writer to work with closely during that year. We will help him or her develop their ideas and work on a production for Teatru Malta. The development programme will be tailor-made for the writer and the project. When we believe the work is ready for production, we will then present the work for our next season.

This year we worked with André Mangion who has created a work dealing with boxing and Malta.

If you would like to get in touch regarding the Emerging Writers Programme please email us or call Antoine on 21220255. Stay tuned for updates on our website and social media.