Theatre can be a form of activism or protest. The sudden appearance of pink ribbons wrapped around trees across Malta has been a topic of discussion lately. Many people who have spotted these ribbons on trees throughout the country have been wondering if they are a sign of the trees’ impending removal or perhaps part of some elaborate protest. However, as we already admitted, there is a much more exciting explanation for this unusual sight: It’s not you, it’s us! 

These trees are part of a campaign for an upcoming performance called ‘Dik is-Siġra f’Nofs Ta’ Triq,’. Set to take place in June for the premiere of the Malta International Arts Festival, this extraordinary new play by Immanuel Mifsud revolves around a grand tree located at the heart of a street where secrets are whispered and shared among all who pass by. ‘Dik Is-Siġra f’Nofs Ta Triq’ delves into the conflict between the promises of progress in the present and the echoes of the past through a captivating, magical narrative. The magnificent tree serves as the focal point, embodying the collective knowledge and experiences of the street’s inhabitants. As the plot unravels, the audience is taken on a mystical journey that explores the complexities of human connections, the clash of ideologies, and the timeless struggle between tradition and modernity. With the premiere of ‘Dik Is-Siġra f’Nofs Ta’ Triq’ just a few weeks away and with Teatru Malta being revealed as the culprits, the anticipation is now reaching a fever pitch.

We aimed to ignite curiosity and intrigue among the public. We admit that we wanted to cast a spell on you. Each ribbon was meant to serve as a silent invitation to embark on a voyage of theatrical discovery with our twenty-strong cast, enticing the curious to watch this magic story unfold as they come to follow our actors. So, if you did spot a tree wrapped in a pink ribbon, we hope that our spell worked and you can join us! 

If you find yourself captivated by this tale of past and present, promises and conflicts, it’s time to secure your spot in the audience. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness a truly exceptional promenade theatre! 

This production is being done in collaboration with Theatre Anon. for the Malta International Arts Festival organised by Festivals Malta and supported by MCAST and Arts Council Malta.