Teatru Redifjuxin from May!

Teatru Malta have decided to jump on the podcast bandwagon, and it’s all starting this May! Mark your calendars because TeatruRedifjuxin is coming and we don’t plan on holding anything back in these podcasts. Hosted by Stjanu Debono, our first series will include a number of interviews with the creatives working at the heart of each of our upcoming productions as we follow them through their R&D journeys.
Listen up – because rest assured, we have a lot to say.

A Statement from Teatru Malta

Yesterday we issued an open letter in reply to a public post made on World Theatre Day. We maintain that we believe we did nothing wrong by publicly clarifying our position to a public post. We believe our artists deserve to be answered, and we wanted to explain and engage in constructive discussion. We do however note that this did not serve the purpose we wished for it, that of empowering artists to speak up and engage whilst explaining our reasoning; instead it seemed to have created unwanted antagonism with a number of practitioners.
Later on MEIA, who noted this antagonism yet understood the good intentions behind our letter, asked us for a meeting, which Teatru Malta and ACM gladly accepted. As a sign of good will with Chris, MEIA and the artists who felt this way, we have decided to remove our open letter and references thereof from our portals, pending a meeting between Teatru Malta, ACM, and MEIA. We will re-issue any clarifications after this meeting in the hope of further uniting our sector.

#TakeOverThursday: Jimmy Grima

Tomorrow we’re back with #TakeOverThursdays and this week one of our very own associate artists will be taking over live from Amsterdam. This artist-curator has also recently acquired his MA in Theatre from Das Theatre and has worked with us on a number of projects…most notably one that involved the song of a bird. You guessed right tomorrow none other than Jimmy Grima will be taking over our socials. Make sure to tune in on our facebook and instagram pages!


That was one cold and busy January! Since getting back to the office our team has been focused on not only opening and closing off applications for Trikki Trakki but also launching Atelier Francis Ebejer, a passion project and joint initiative with Spazju Kreattiv and Teatru Manoel.

We would like to start off by thanking all those who were in attendance for our Atelier Francis Ebejer introductory session last Thursday. It was an absolute pleasure to get to discuss the future of this initiative with our guest speakers, attendees and associate artists who form part of the Atelier’s board together with PCO artistic directors Sean Buhagiar (Teatru Malta), Kenneth Zammit Tabona (Teatru Manoel) and Daniel Azzopardi (Spazju Kreattiv). Derived from its very own definition the Atelier is intended to be a safe space where artists can come together, discuss and create work. The Atelier is yet another offshoot from parent projects Premju and Progett Francis Ebejer. Applications for the Atelier are now open, so if you’re interested in joining our circle then click here to find out more and apply.

An impressive amount of applications came through for this year’s special edition of Trikki Trakki Festival and though we would have loved nothing more than to choose everyone, due to the current restrictions we sadly had to limit the number of chosen participants to ensure the safety of all those involved. The festival will be taking place in March and we’re very excited to see what these children will manage to create together with their directors. Stay tuned to our social media for more updates on their rehearsal process in the run-up to the big festival week. 

We are also currently working on a very special Carnival project with Festivals Malta which you’ll find out more about very soon. This week we will also be launching a brand new series on our socials, so make sure that you keep your eyes out for our stories this coming Wednesday.

That’s about it from us for now, but before we leave we’d just like to remind you that more information about the DIY theatre package Alice in Wonderless Land is available online, so if you’re an organisation, school or drama teacher looking to order a doll then click here to find out how to get in touch or read director Sean Buhagiar’s exclusive interview with Metal Magazine to find out more about the ins and outs of this unique project.

Ciao for now.

Teatru Malta’s Associate Artists

Teatru Malta has not only recently become a full member of the European Theatre Convention but they also have some serious business up their sleeve for 2021 and it’s starting off with introducing their audiences to their associate artists. The Associate Artist Programme is a new and exciting opportunity for up to 6 artists to collaborate with Teatru Malta and share their knowledge, competences and resources for further developing their own artistic practices and that of their colleagues. 

Who made the cut? Well take a look at this video to find out. This year the national theatre company will be working closely with Jimmy Grima, Lee-N Abela, Marta Vella, Paul Portelli, Simon Bartolo and Simone Spiteri, who will all be roped in to share their thoughts and get involved in specific projects that have been lined up for the new year. If we’re going to judge Teatru Malta by the company they’re keeping then let’s just say we’re excited to see what’s in store for the months ahead. 

All of the associate artists are well seasoned professionals and practitioners of their craft, from writing to performing to directing all the artists selected have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to any table brimming with creative ideas. 

Another project in conjunction with Teatru Malta’s Associate Artist’s programme is Teatru Malta’s revamped Atelier Francis Ebejer in collaboration with Teatru Manoel and Spazju Kreattiv. This project has been brewing for quite a long time and stems from its predecessors Premju & Proġett Francis Ebejer. Now that they’ve closed off their associate artist’s board, the very first Atelier introductory session has taken place and is now open to anyone interested in eventually applying to form part of the Atelier which aims to be a safe space to discuss, debate and produce theatre. 


L-AVVIŻI – January 2021

The New Year has rolled in and with it a fresh new start at the drawing board for us at Teatru Malta. First order of business for 2021 was setting up our Associate Artists programme which we launched on New Year’s Day with 6 familiar and established faces working locally and overseas. Simone Spiteri, Paul Portelli, Lee-N Abela, Marta Vella, Jimmy Grima, and Simon Bartolo will be working closely with us on a number of different projects, exploring different possibilities and creating new collaborations as our programme of events for 2021 continues to unfold. WATCH as they wished all of us a happy new year and described their thoughts on becoming associate artists by clicking here…

Our call for applications for our 4th edition of Trikki Trakki Youth Theatre Festival has been extended by a week and will now be closing today at noon! Due to the outpour of interest and considering the precarious circumstances that our educators, parents and students have found themselves in over the past few days we thought it best to give some more time for children to settle in after the Christmas period and apply. If you’re reading this and know of any children that would be the perfect fit for our festival then make sure they apply, they only have a few hours left! The process is simple and extremely straight forward, just follow this link and follow the instructions. This year’s festival, lead by Festival Director Antonella Axisa will be taking place online to ensure everyone’s safety, with all our usual curated theatre making workshops for kids to happen online instead of in person.

Something else that we’ve also been working on is our Atelier Francis Ebejer, a membership scheme, alongside Teatru Manoel and Spazju Kreattiv. The short introductory session for the Atelier will be taking place over zoom on the 28th of January. Interested in finding out more? Then click here to register your attendance for the session today. 

Before we sign off don’t forget that Ġulbiena: a Panto in the Dark is currently available on SoundCloud until the end of the month! Make sure to tune in before your time runs out. 

See you soon!

Statement from Arts Council Malta & Teatru Malta: Pia Zammit vs. It-Torċa

Freedom of expression, the clear distinction between the individual and the artist’s persona, as well as the free use of parody and satire, are fundamental elements which each and every society should cherish and promote without any disruption and interference. It is indeed appropriate that the artist, and whomever is involved in the artistic and cultural sector, has the comfort that their freedom of expression in all its forms is never touched or skewed. Arts Council Malta and Teatru Malta maintain, that together with the Government they will continue to ensure that the artists’ fundamental rights are strengthened furthermore in the future, especially since the last couple of years have seen the execution of necessary legal reforms, particularly related to the changes in laws related to the rights of artists and the Media and Defamation Act. We insist that the fundamental rights of the artist continue to be strengthened and defended in the future.

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – Review of Alice in Wonderless Land

Some thoughts from Audrey Friggieri the Commissioner on Gender-based and Domestic Violence on Alice in Wonderless Land

Alice in Wonderless Land is an emotional experience because it brings to the fore all the injustice that that world deals out to girls and women predominantly, although boys are affected too. This all happens in disguise very often, in alienating ways such as advertising, and as a law of nature, as if inequality and oppression are set in stone. This show is an invitation or an opportunity to reflect on what being a girl means in this world, on the workings of power in society, on the ways in which women are oppressed by dominant forces behind the scenes, and  the ways in which women themselves participate in their own oppression due to automatic ways of living and being.

Dominant forces in society tell us all how to be and what to do, what to wish for, what to buy to be cool, what is desirable, what is worthy, beautiful and so on; if we do not fit in this scenario, if we have a different mindset or a different appearance we feel that we are inadequate, doomed. In the absence of a  critical attitude – which the system does its best to discourage at all costs, especially via the ubiquitous media  – we would all be slaves of the oppressive system, devaluing who we are, relinquishing our power, committing metaphorical (and literal) suicide.

This is an artistic installation as well as a play, because it seeks to involve , move, provoke, even shock the audience into feeling and thinking about what is really going on.  It is short but very powerful and would be a wonderful tool for critical thinking and debating in educational settings for older students. It needs preparation, as with any learning resources, for maximum benefit. It also requires reflection afterwards and students should be afforded the space to speak to their counsellor or qualified professionals at school if they need to.  This piece  can be woven within various subjects on the school curriculum: English, Maltese, Social studies, and PSCD, for example.

For more information on Alice in Wonderless Land please click here 

Take Over Thursday: Kyle Fenech

It-Takeover t’għada ser tlaqqana ma’ xi ħadd li forsi mhux wiċċ famljari, iżda huwa interessanti bil-wisq. 🙃 Kyle huwa il-persuna li ħoloq l-irjus tal-pupa u l-fenek li issibu fil-Kaxxa ta’ Alice in Wonderless Land bit-3D Printer. Fil-fatt Kyle huwa artist li juża kemm il-forom diġitali kif ukoll tradizzjonali tal-arti viżwali. Eeee… u bilħaqq, Kyle huwa wkoll mużiċist, idoqq il-kitarra mal-grupp Pyramid Suns

Mela għada kunu żguri li tagħtu daqqa t’għajn lejn il-pjattaformi soċjali tagħna biex tidħlu ftit fid-dinja ta’ Kyle 💭


Teatru Malta Take Over – Alexandra Alden

You might be asking yourselves what Alexandra Alden’s doing here… well you’ll find out soon enough as part of a new series called #TeatruMaltaTakeOver

Alexandra is working on an enchanting tune for our upcoming project, and as she’s huddled up in the recording studio she’s found some time to check in on us and let us know what she’s up to. Stay tuned for her #TakeOver this #TakeOverThursday and follow us down this obscure rabbit hole …