09 . 06 . 18

Brad Birch tells us more about GAME

It is the night of George Vella’s funeral and Chris, his son, has a decision to make.

George Vella was one of the most celebrated and successful managers in league history. His sudden death after a surprise defeat in the cup final sent shockwaves through the game, and now the club has to find somebody to replace him – somebody loyal, somebody strong, somebody who can be their own man, to face both the past and the future and rally the players behind him.

Chris retired years ago, at the top of his game. Club captain and adored by the fans, he stunned everybody with his decision to quit. He’s since reinvented himself, but try as he might, the shadows of the game have always loomed large, and it has taken its toll on his relationship and family. And now, with his father buried, he is thrust again into the thick of it.

GAME is a play about family, about how the decisions we make can reverberate through the generations; it is a play about secrets, about how we manage our own and other people’s past; it is a play about sacrifice, about how far we will go for the people we love.