#BEZZJONI: Maryrose Mallia

Last week we went knocking on Maryrose Mallia’s door to check in and ask how she’s been handling this pandemic. On the way there we got lost but Maryrose was quick to send her brother Lino out to find us and sure enough he did and there she was waiting for us in her doorway.

Greeting us with a smile and her signature wave and laugh we discussed the importance of keeping busy, knowing how to dye your own hair, eating healthy and nurturing old talents like piano playing to keep active!

There in front of her home bang in the heart of a charming Zebbug village square Maryrose shared some thoughts and laughs with us about life in COVID-19 times, as part of Teatru Malta’s series #BEZZJONI, a series of door to door encounters with Maltese theatre icons.

“I am Maryrose Mallia, I was born in Żebbuġ on 9th May 1953, so you know I’m 67 years old. My career has spanned 53, I’ve never stopped being an actress and a singer. I worked abroad for 16 years, in Germany, and now, this current situation is forcing me to have the natural break I’ve never had.

“I was almost going to get stuck in Milan when the airports closed because I was about to go there to sign a contract. I was saved just in time! And now I’m here, waiting like everybody for the outcome of this blessed virus which has brought everyone to their knees.

“In my free time I cook and clean the house, I’m throwing away lots of stuff that has accumulated through the years. And in the process I’m finding some interesting stuff too because my mother was quite the hoarder.

“I even found holy pictures of my first holy communion! I also love knitting and books. I actually really love to read. If the theatre wasn’t my profession I would have loved to study psychology. I read a lot of ‘self-help’ books to better myself and those around me.

“In reality I read a lot of everything, both in Maltese and in English. I read about health as well, I’m a bit obsessed about healthy eating and healthy living. So I spend my time doing everything, when I feel I’ve had enough from one thing I move on to another. And I play the piano, as well.

“I video call my friends as well. I have a close friend in Canada, I spend hours talking to her. And also friends in Germany and Italy too. I never stop!”