26 . 05 . 20

Bezzjoni – Karmen Azzopardi

Karmen Azzopardi is an extremely versatile Maltese actress. During the 1950s many companies sought her talents. Among them we find the Malta Drama League, the Kumpanija Gioventù Cattolica, the Manoel Amateur Dramatic Club and Maleth.

Here, she shares some thoughts with us about life in COVID-19 times, as part of the new series #BEZZJONI.

“This is the ninth week that I’m holed up in here. I cannot say that I’m sad. I’m the kind of person who has always loved silence. I’ve been living alone since the death of my husband, Chev. Paul Naudi, thirteen years ago. Before the time of Covid-19 I used to have various outdoor commitments but not anymore.

“Naturally, the fact that I’m forced to stay indoors means that the whole thing is different. No church, no Holy Communion, no family, no friends, no helper, no hairdresser. Nothing. Alone. But the important thing is that every morning I make a programme in my head, a plan of what to do during the day.

“So, Mass on TV and the Rosary too, writing, reading, cooking, a bit of television, answering messages on my smartphone and so on. I thank the Lord that I have a grocer, a greengrocer and a pharmacy close to me because they are very helpful. They bring everything that I need to my front door and then I just carry everything inside.

“A good thing that I believe is happening during this time is that I found more time to reflect on certain truths of life. My priorities have changed. What I used to think essential now feels less important.

“Another thing, I hope that the spirituality that I feel and the charity that I see taking place will help me emerge from this time of crisis as a better woman with altruistic qualities that will benefit me and others.”