#BEZZJONI: Joe Quattromani

Last week we went knocking on Joe Quattromani’s door to check in and ask how he’s been fairing during this pandemic. It wasn’t too hard to spot Joe’s door, as he stood there eagerly waiting for us, punctual as ever.

We were greeted with a warm wave, a welcoming smile and an insightful conversation about standing still during what would have otherwise been a busy couple of months.

As we spoke he took a moment to make sure we send his regards to all the former colleagues of his that we planned to visit, tell us how his email got mysteriously hacked over Easter and share some thoughts with us about life in COVID-19 times, as part of Teatru Malta’s series #BEZZJONI, a series of door to door encounters with Maltese theatre icons

Joe doesn’t need an introduction with followers of local radio, stage, television and film. Apart from being a popular actor, he is also a drama teacher, a theatre director and producer of various works for the stage and radio. He is truly a veteran in all forms of dramatic art.

“From the very start of the current pandemic I obeyed orders and locked myself in. This wasn’t an easy thing for me because I was still active. The activities that I love – radio, stage, television and film – had to come to an abrupt stop. However, from that ‘stop’ I found an opportunity. I looked around me and worked on things that had been waiting for a long time. I even managed to finish writing the story of my life. I can safely say that for me this was a blessing in disguise.

“Take heart, my friends!


– Bezzjoni Joe!