Dù Theatre, in collaboration with Teatru Malta, is searching for a group of actors to form part of the cast of the new play written by Simone Spiteri, also under her direction. The play was commissioned by the European Theatre Convention as part of the Pipelines project and is produced in an ensemble style.

The company is looking for a number of actors of any age and gender being at least 18 years old, who will, together, form part of a Choir of characters. It is therefore important that the selected actors are comfortable interpreting individual characters as well as working in a united group and that they feel comfortable moving and experimenting in a group dynamic. The characters forming the entire cast are all part of the Choir.

For more information on this call and to download your audition packs please visit this link and submit your applications by no later than the 23rd of July 2022 to be considered an eligible candidate