Steven Dalli



Steven was born in Ħaż-Żabbar in 1987. As a young boy he was exposed to the art world since his father was a painter. He started taking up acting classes at Masquerade Drama School and Drama Unit. Eventually he developed an interest in film, in particular editing and directing. At the age of 19 he was one of the directors and editors of Gizelle, a multi wining drama in the Malta TV Awards; winning also as a team, Best Editing and Best Directing. Other directing credits are Evanġelisti, Klikka and Iċ-Ċaqqufa. He then ventured in producing his own production Xablott, while working for a private TV station.

In 2013 he joined Justin Farrugia, forming a media company, Sharp Shoot Media Ltd. The company has gained a reputation for unparalleled quality and professionalism with its start-up project Rajt ma Rajtx having receiving much acclaim from the general public. In 2015 the company produced its own TV series Strada Stretta; directed by Steven and Justin, becoming a national sensation with a viewership of more than 120,000 (according to the Media Warehouse

Survey) and around 80,000 online on demand. Strada Stretta carried off a record of 8 awards at the 2017 Malta TV Awards; including Best Drama, Best Directing, People’s Choice Award – Best TV Programme, and Best Editing. In 2018, Steven has directed and produced L-Għarusa on TVM, a period drama which was also the most watched TV series in Malta during it’s running period. This series won Best Drama in the first ever Malta Film Awards. In 2020,

Steven has line produced God’s Soldiers, a drama led doc series produced by Urban Canyons. The project is being aired on different stations across Europe and America. Steven has also produced and directed his latest period drama named Chalet; the first Go Original drama which premiered on GO Stars in December 2021.

He has also worked as an actor in various local TV series. Steven has also studied History at the university of Malta.