Rochelle Gatt



Rochelle explored the skeletal anatomy at UOM (University Of Malta) towards the profession of a diagnostic Radiographer (2007). Subsequently, she followed a dance bachelor program in the School Of Performing Arts, UOM (2012). In 2019, Rochelle dived into a master’s program for physical theatre in Switzerland at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri. Her artistic desires are to work in interdisciplinary contexts and to endlessly research the emotive and comic movement language. Rochelle’s freelance projects include performance, pedagogy, direction, and choreography. Currently, she is an educator of Performing Arts at the MCAST Institution. There is a big passion for exploring play and actively changing landscapes with the movement cultures of Fighting Monkey and the movement language of Gaga. For the last two years, Rochelle has been training and refining therapeutic approaches for community practices mostly connected to movement at EGS (Saas Fee, Switzerland), BISO (Ireland, Belgium), and EXIT (Malta).