Raquel Sammut



Raquel Sammut is a Maltese drummer and percussionist, born in 2001. Her passion for music and theatre, paired with a love for the literary arts, has seen her partake in various multidisciplinary projects throughout the years. She is an honours graduate of Maltese and is currently serving as Director for Arts and Culture within the National Youth Council (KNŻ 2023-2024) after having served as Culture and Entertainment Officer within the University Student Council (KSU 2022-2023).

Raquel has been playing drums and percussion for nearly 10 years and also started tutoring the same instruments around three years ago. Although her roots lie in Rock and Alternative music, she is very interested in most other genres, especially Musical Theatre.

From small-scale gigs to larger concerts, Raquel has been regularly playing with various talented musicians in different settings and to different crowds. Notable performances include ŻiguŻajg (2018), KUBU+ (2018), the Malta Arts Awards (2018), Harbour Odyssey – the Malta Arts Festival (2019, 2022), Notte Bianca (2019), Bejn Linja u Oħra (2021), the Malta Film Awards (2022), Ron de Vu (2023), as well as several renditions of Strummin’, Mumenti, SAC Soiree and the KSU Students’ Fest. She was also part of the Malta Youth Orchestra between 2018 and 2020.

Her most recent achievement was her directorial debut at the KSU Students’ Fest 2023, where she brought “Alice in Bormla” to life. Boasting 3 sold-out show nights and a cast and crew of over 230 people, this original Disney spin-off is undoubtedly a project that holds a special place in Raquel’s heart as a testament to her artistic vision, dedication and creativity.