Pierre Stafrace



Pierre Stafrace has worked with many of the main theatre companies in Malta and has portrayed a wide variety of roles in different forms of theatre. These include characters such as Ariel, Puck, and Feste in Shakespearean plays, as well as Dame, Comic, and Principal Boy in pantomimes. He has also played Jimmy in Look Back in Anger, Marat in Marat/Sade, and Henry f’Dwar Menopawzi,  Minorenni and Muturi High Speed.

Additionally, he is a founding member of the theatre group Theatre Anon, with whom he has performed in various productions. Some notable roles include Kafka in Metamorphosis, Alex in 100, and several characters in Ir-Ritorn. He has also worked as a puppeteer in productions such as Ospizio, Land of the Big Word Factory, Daqsxejn ta’ Requiem għal-Leli, and Little Prince.