Nicole Mangion



For Nicole, the love for the art sector started at the young age of four. At this early age, she attended singing lessons and even entered local competitions. Currently, she is a soloist in the Joy Gospel Singers choir. Over time, her passion for the local theatre grew. Nicole participated in several plays staged by the high school she attended and even won some theatre awards there. However, her love for theatre reached its climax when she entered the University to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Maltese. During this course, she had the opportunity to closely study the history of local theatre, which further deepened her interest. Throughout her years of study, Nicole was actively involved in the Maltese Association, where she served as one of the coordinators of the theatre group founded by the association. This involvement rekindled Nicole’s desire to pursue theatre. Consequently, she decided to receive formal training in this field and started attending courses offered by the Freespirit Acting company. This is Nicole’s first production as a cast member, marking her recent entry into the world of theatre.