Marko Bratuš



Born on October 9th 1979 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Studied dramaturgy and radio directing at the Academy for Theatre Radio Film and Television at the University of Ljubljana. Works both as theatre and film director, dramaturg, musician, counsellor and screenwriter for television, film, radio and theatre.

He wrote several theatre and radio dramas, worked as a writer for two major children shows on national television (Studio Kriškraš, Firbcologi), wrote several short films for children that were broadcast in Europe and Asia (via EBU and ABU) and one feature length film. He is also scriptwriter of a stop motion animation series Koyaa. In 2007 he co-funded the first Slovenian internet media Vest. si, where he worked as head of studio production and was in charge of developing new formats. 

Since 2008 he has worked as a selector and juror for Slovenia’s amateur theatre network. Since 2016 he works as the artistic director of Slovenian National Theatre of Nova Gorica where he initiated and collaborated on numerous international projects.