Mark Mifsud



Mark started his acting career at age 15, by taking up small roles in theatrical events at SKENE, a voluntary theatre troupe in his hometown, Luqa.

His career took off when he starred in all-time favourite Maltese TV series’ “Gizelle”, “L-Evangelisti”, “Angli” and “Caqqufa”.  Mark also ventured into the film industry being cast in shorts and films such as “.303”, “Gozo”, “The Devil’s Double”, “Simshar”, “Sinbad” “247 Tage”, “Omicidio su Misura” and “When Pigs Have Wings”.  Mark continues to ply his craft in theatre too, with his most recent works being “Il-Ħajja Xejn Cool ta’ Teenager Jismu Julian”, “Faith, Hope u Charity”, “Inez kienet Perf(etta)”, “Lsir” and “Ma”; the last two as both script-writer and director.