Kurt Castillo



Kurt Castillo has a passion for the performing arts and has been involved in the local TV, theatre and dance scene for the past 20 years. After completing his studies in Speech & Drama and in the Performing Arts with Trinity College, Kurt has delivered theatre workshops both locally and abroad. He has been awarded an international exhibition award by Trinity
College after excelling in his final examinations. A few TV productions worth mentioning are ‘Simpatiċi’, ‘Il-Madonna taċ-
Ċoqqa’, ‘Għeruq’ and ‘’Il bogħod mid-dar’ which saw him going all the way to South Africa. The following are a few of his favourite theatre productions in which he played a main role: ‘Our Town’, ‘Twelfth Night, or What You Will’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘The Bacchae’, ‘Il-ħajja xejn cool ta’ teenager jismu Julian’, ‘Limbo’, ‘Is-Serra’, ‘Ineż kienet perfetta’, ‘Elektra’ and his latest performance ‘Is-Siġra tat-Tin’ with Opening Doors Association. He has participated and worked as a trainer in numerous EU funded projects in various countries across Europe. Kurt currently owns his own beauty and aesthetics business.