Julia Camilleri



Julia Camilleri balances her profession as a biomedical scientist with her work as an artist, performer and presenter. Her recent acting credits include The Crucible (Manoel Theatre, 2018) and Il-Metamorfosi (Unifaun Theatre, 2017). Having trained in music, dance and physical theatre, she is interested in exploring human narratives and emotions through bodily movement and sound. This focus has grown through her devised work as part of Teatru Santwarju, namely Lib(r)a (2017) and Limbus (2016). Other projects include Somna (2017), L-Anġli (rubberbodies, 2017) and Il-Warda tar-Riħ (rubberbodies, 2016-17). Julia also forms part of the Laudate Pueri Choir based in Victoria, Gozo. Julia’s love for theatre, sound and movement finds its home in GAME, a refreshingly thoughtful piece that sheds soft light on the dynamics in family and football.