Joseph Zammit



Joseph Zammit is an actor and tenor who has accumulated over a hundred productions throughout the fourteen years he’s been active in theatre. He has played roles in musicals such as Jamie in Last Five Years (Masquerade), Che in Evita (Teatru Astra), The Maestro in Hush (TMYO) and, more recently, Manwel Dimech in Il-Qfil u l-Ħelsien Skont Manwel Dimech (Teatru Malta). Joseph has also performed in several operas, such as Offenbach’s Orphee Aux Enfer as Pluto against his sister Maria Eleonora’s Eurydice, and also played the main role of Hamid in Aħna Refuġjati.

Zammit is an original member of WhatsTheirNames Theatre and has been part of all their

Shakespeare productions, most notably Benedick [Much Ado About Nothing], and also interpreted the role of Yvan in Art. He is also an original member of More or Less Theatre, performing regularly for young audiences in theatres and schools around Malta, Gozo, and even internationally, having performed in Washington, D.C. and Edinburgh. He has also taken part in film, both on the small screen (Kalċidon in l-Għarusa) and on the big screen (Roger Sr in Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Velenużi). Joseph has also performed in 15 consecutive pantomimes and is a Drama and Voice Tutor at Masquerade Theatre Arts School.

In May, he will replay the role of Magnus Coffinkey with Give or Production’s “The Trials of Magnus Coffinkey” at the Brighton Fringe Festival.