Joseph Paul Vella



Joseph is an actor and performer who regularly works within the local theatre scene. He trained for five years at the National Drama School after which he joined the Theatre Group Aleateia in 2003. His theatrical debut saw him perform in Helen of Troy at the Manoel Theatre. Since then he has performed in various productions and plays, both locally and overseas. Productions of note include The Broken Plate (Lord Creon), Drowning Lilies (performed at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh), The Equivocators, The Drooming (Ziguzajg) and it-Tfajla li Stunat. He also performed in various festivals and launches including La navigation du savoir, the Malta Spectacular and the Malta Book Festival, both as an actor and a singer. When not performing in a theatre, you can find him working in another sort of theatre, as a doctor specialised in anaesthesiology.