Felix Römer



Römer was born 1960 in Vienna. After his acting diploma he had engagements on numerous stages in Austria and Germany like Burgtheater Vienna , Schauspielhaus Graz, Frankfurt, Kassel and Dortmund, Theater an der Ruhr, among others.

The last twenty years Römer was an ensemble member of the Berliner Schaubühne, where he appeared in productions by Thomas Ostermeier, Luk Perceval , Michael Thalheimer , Volker Lösch , Tom Kühnel , Katie Mitchell , Philipp Preuss and Milo Rau , among others . 

He played also in several movies directed by Lars Montag, Christoph Hochhäusler, Christian Petzold, Luk Perceval, Terence Malick and Alberto Corredor, among others.

Römer is the author of several plays that were premiered at various German theaters.