Carlos Farrugia



Carlos Farrugia is an Actor, director, and producer both in the theatre, as well as in television and cinema. He studied Drama at the Malta Drama Centre and Moving Arts in London. He sat for his exams in Trinity College where he got Distinction and Merits Grade 6 to 8 – Acting Skills and Performance Arts. He attended Seminars in Brazil under the Direction of Augusto Boal – founder of the Theatre of the Oppressed. Master Classes on ‘Mime and Expressive Theatre’ under the direction of Adam Darius and Kasimir Kolesnik (The Mime Centre – Finland), Inclusive Theatre Workshops in Scotland and Forum Theatre in Luxembourg. 

Carlos is the founder of the company and school of Drama ‘Freespirit Acting’.

Carlos produced, acted, and directed several important theatrical projects. Among these are: King Lear, Il-Kappillan ta’ Malta, Casanova, The Doctor and the Devils, Habbilni ha Nirbah, L-Akbar Sigriet, L-Iffissat t’Alla, Vari and Rajtha Fejsbuk.

In both Television and Cinema, he worked on several projects including: Għada jisbah ukoll, L-Evangelisti, Division 7, Game Over and Blood on the Crown, where he was Head of Department of Extras. He directed Anġli on TVM and won the award for best leading actor – Malta TV Awards, for the character ‘Sergio’ which he played in the Gizelle Series.