Angelo Theuma



Angelo Theuma ‘il-Kina’ used to listen to għana cassettes in 1999 when he was ten years old. He met għannej Michael Cumbo ‘l-Iżgej’, who used to make him listen to more għana as well as take him to his garage to sing folk music. When he was twenty years old, ‘l-Iżgej’ used to take ‘Il-Kina’ with him to Ġanna’s place. There, Kelinu Cutajar ‘is-Superstar’ started teaching him by singing half a verse and letting Angelo sing the rest. He was 21 years old.  It was also at Ġanna’s place that he started singing for the first time with Fredu Desira ‘l-Indjan’. This pushed him to start singing at the Argotti Għana festival and in other events around Malta. In 2015, he sang in an international festival in Egypt. He also performed in front of Queen Elizabeth during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Malta. Angelo is known for his improvised, studied as well as high-pitched għana.