Ana Facchini



Ana Facchini, hailing from Vrhovlje in the Goriška Brda region, began her acting journey during high school with the Primorska Drama Theatre’s Amateur Youth Stage. After high school, she pursued acting at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT) in Ljubljana under Professor Mile Korun, earning acclaim in her second year with the “Zlatolaska” award for a supporting role. Her early career was marked by notable roles, such as the Wife in “The Petty Bourgeois Wedding” and Hera in “Belle Paris or The Confrontation at the Louvre”.

Facchini’s professional debut came with a guest appearance as Matilde in “That Beautiful Day” (2000) at the Nova Gorica theatre, where she soon became an ensemble member. Her performance as Hana in “An Event in the Town of Goga” (2001) garnered her a young actress award at the Borštnik Meeting, establishing her as a key figure in Nova Gorica’s theatrical scene. Over the years, she has portrayed a variety of significant roles including the fairy queen Titania in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Fatima Mansur in “Arabian Night,” and several lead roles in productions like “The Green Bird,” “The King of Betajnova,” and “Six Characters in Search of an Author.” Her versatility also shines in musical theatre, highlighted by performances in “Alice” and “The Beggar’s Opera,” among others, earning her the tantadruj award for her contribution to theatre.

Facchini’s ability to craft diverse, genre-spanning roles—from dramatic to poetic-musical, and from realistic to fairy-tale narratives—has solidified her status as a profound and versatile actress. Her work, celebrated with the ZDUS award for her performances in 2019 and 2020, underscores her position as one of Slovenia’s leading theatre artists of her generation, admired for her deep connections with the ensemble and the creation of a harmonious theatrical experience.