Joseph Zammit



Joseph Zammit is a B.A.(Hons) graduate in History and works as a professional tenor and actor who has been in the theatre scene performing over ninety different productions in the span of twelve years taking part in productions both in Malta and abroad. Joseph has been a vocal student of Dr Andriana Yordanova for several years now and  has played major roles in operas;  playing the role of Pluto in Orpheus in the Underworld and Hamid in Aħna Refuġjati.  Joseph has also performed leading roles in musicals, such as Che in Evita,  Jamie in Last 5 Years (Masquerade) and ‘The Maestro’ in HUSH (TMYT). On the stage, Joseph’s most notable roles include; Yvan in ART (WhatsTheirNames Theatre), various roles in When You Hear My Voice (with Dr. Bruce Wall, London Shakespeare Workout), and his latest one-man show Jamboy (The Shrinking Violets) He is an original member of WhatsTheirNames Theatre and a constant in the Shakespeare at the Pub series, where his roles include Benedick in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, Angelo in Measure for Measure, among others. Joseph also stars in children’s theatre with Malcolm Galea in the More or Less series, having performed across several schools locally and even internationally, including at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh and in Washington DC. Together with Malcolm Galea, Joseph has also written and performed for a TV series LIFT. His recent involvement on screen include the role of Kalċidon in L-Għarusa and that of Roger Sr. in the movie Is-Sriep Reġgħu Saru Valenużi.

Together with all this, Joseph has written and performed in several burlesque shows together with CreativeIsland and has also played leading roles in ten consecutive pantos –– six for Masquerade and four for MADC. He also starred in both Pantos in the Dark; Gawgaw and L-Imbuljuta.