A Statement from Teatru Malta

Yesterday we issued an open letter in reply to a public post made on World Theatre Day. We maintain that we believe we did nothing wrong by publicly clarifying our position to a public post. We believe our artists deserve to be answered, and we wanted to explain and engage in constructive discussion. We do however note that this did not serve the purpose we wished for it, that of empowering artists to speak up and engage whilst explaining our reasoning; instead it seemed to have created unwanted antagonism with a number of practitioners.
Later on MEIA, who noted this antagonism yet understood the good intentions behind our letter, asked us for a meeting, which Teatru Malta and ACM gladly accepted. As a sign of good will with Chris, MEIA and the artists who felt this way, we have decided to remove our open letter and references thereof from our portals, pending a meeting between Teatru Malta, ACM, and MEIA. We will re-issue any clarifications after this meeting in the hope of further uniting our sector.