Soprano Nadia Vella gives us a sneak peek into Min Hi?

An unconventional choir made up of one voice, glass and water? Soprano Nadia Vella offers a sneak peek into Min Hi? and tells us more about working with a looper under the direction of Ruben Zahra.

Describe the rehearsal process so far? I was on a train in Sweden earlier this year when I spoke to Ruben over the phone. He briefly outlined his ideas for this project  and as a lover of all things creepy, I was immediately fascinated. This is also my first time working with Teatru Malta and most of my performance work has been in English so it was a welcome change. Trevor Zahra’s well written text combined with Ruben’s rhythmically challenging scores have been challenging, but so far I have enjoyed working on them immensely. We are also working with glasses filled with water to produce sound, percussion instruments, as well as a looper.

You move into the theatre this Friday, any production week jitters? 

Definitely – I have not met with Lee-N yet. Through seeing her perform previously I know that she is a great actress who I hope to learn a lot from. Due to the fact that there is a LOT going on in the script and knowing that Ruben is a stickler for detail, I am sure there will be a few challenges along the way – But I am looking forward to production week and what I can learn from my peers. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Moritz, the lighting designer before, when I played Abigail Williams in The Crucible and I am definitely looking forward to see how his lighting designs will bring everything together.

Ruben mentioned that you’ll be adopting a technique known as ”vocal looping” as you sing, is this an approach you’re familiar with? 

This is the first time I am working with a looper. In one of the scenes we are using Allegri’s Miserere Mei Deus arranged for 3 voices,   but with just little old me. Ruben operates the looper while I sing in the different voices each time to give the effect of a choir. This technique is also being used with spoken text and various vocalizations to suit the scenes.

What are your thoughts on the production and what can audiences expect to see? 

I know that there have been various reactions to the street performances that have already been presented to promote this show. As every person is different, so is their reaction to what they see. Personally I think the content of the show evokes the senses and that every audience member will be moved by it in some way or another.

What’s next for Nadia Vella? 

It has already been a wonderfully busy year full of performances and thankfully I have various projects in the pipeline. In November I will be singing in a rock concert entitled ‘Tribute to the Fallen Stars’  at The Garage and this week I start getting into the character of Wednesday Addams for Arthaus’s production of The Addams Family Musical to be held in 2020. I am also working towards obtaining my Fellowship with Trinity College London next year.